4 reasons why your website ranking is not stable.

For those who are not from the digital marketing field find SEO very daunting. It is very tricky to understand and implement SEO strategies for business marketing. Getting a website rank high on search engine pages through SEO takes time and expertise. But when instead of reaping results, it backfires or doesn’t work; companies are forced to start all over again. There could be endless numbers of reasons that your website is not getting the traction it should be, but checking on each of these reasons is in it a humongous task. However, it is not an impossible task. Experts at SEO company in Indore say, if you know where to look at, you can easily identify the fault and fix it.

To make things simple for you to understand, we have listed a few reasons why your website’s ranking might be unstable.

Reason 1#  Your website has crawling issues.

There is a mechanism in the search engine that determines which website should be ranked higher which one shouldn’t. The digital spiders or crawlers are the one who scans the entire website, checks the content and other factors and set the ranking. It is obvious that any slight issue with these crawlers will result in ranking issues. As per search engine optimization services providers, commonly, there could be three issues with the crawler. These are:

  • The structure of coding of the website prevents web spiders to crawl the website.
  • The search engine is unable to download a web site’s URL, or
  • The web crawlers scroll through your private pages

Reason 2# Your hosting server is done most of the time.

Crawlers or spiders crawl through websites several times in a day. In case, during any of these crawling periods the website is down or unresponsive, the bots will not be able to fetch the site information. This will ultimately result in its decreased ranking. Search engines can mark your website as unreliable if the problem consistently persists.

Reason 3# Poor internal linking

No interlinking or poor interlinking is a major reason behind an unstable website ranking. Poor interlinking could become a problem in several ways. If the web pages of your website are not linked with each other properly, it might lead to improper crawling which again leads to a lower ranking. On the other hand, if you have interlinked our pages but those pages are broken or inaccessible by the crawlers, it will again affect the website ranking.

Reason 4# unable to optimize for all the high ranking keywords

Keyword optimization plays a key role in SEO and SERP. When making a website or producing content, it is essential to incorporate relevant keywords. But given how many keywords there are, it is next to impossible to use them all.

With that said, now let’s look into some ways which can help websites to rank here:

As stated above, SEO is a continuous process. Search engines keep updating their algorithm every now and then which makes it essential to keep a regular check on the SEO strategy. By continuously monitoring the SEO strategy and updating it, it would get easier to pinpoint the fault and correct it. With appropriate changes, you can resolve the ranking issue.

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